Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV Review: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Final Fantasy XV Review – Final Fantasy XV is now coming to you, the Final Fantasy big fans who have waited so long for this. When it was developed, Square Enix wanted Final Fantasy XV to have a feeling similar to classic Final Fantasy, but also innovative for newcomers to enjoy. Plus Final Fantasy XV has to meet the expectations of fans who have waited ten years, which is definitely not an easy task. And today is a great day for all of us to review a bit about Final Fantasy XV review.

Final Fantasy XV is not a perfect game. In fact, it is still inferior to some of its siblings. But this game has a charm, uniqueness, flaws, cliches, and a myriad of other things that make it so memorable. Final Fantasy XV is the newest version of classic Final Fantasy that’s very popular many years ago.

Game Details:

DeveloperSquare Enix Business Division 2
PublisherSquare Enix
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One
ReleasedNovember 29, 2016
Price$14.71 at amazon
GenreAction role-playing
Official Site

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Final Fantasy XV Review: A Gentleman’s Agreement, The Pros

For you who ever played this game, Final Fantasy XV has some pros that we want to share with you. On Final Fantasy XV review, we found the following pros.

Poetry for The King

Final Fantasy is known as a game series that has power in the story. Even though it also has interesting gameplay, the story remains the main reason someone likes the series. But in Final Fantasy XV, the gameplay is the main focus, while the story is conveyed in pieces and even implicitly. Following the story of this game feels like trying to understand a poem, beautiful but sometimes confusing.

Watching Kingsglaive before playing Final Fantasy XV is mandatory because many of the background stories and important characters at the centre of the film don’t appear. They are not highlighted in the game. It feels a little strange, but at the same time, it also gives the impression that your adventure is part of something bigger.

You play Noctis Lucis Caelum, the prince of the Lucis Kingdom who has to go to a neighbouring country to marry a girl named Lunafreya. Unfortunately, on the way, you get news that the kingdom of Lucis is being attacked, and the marriage that was part of the peace agreement must be cancelled.

Two Stories as The Focus of Game

Final Fantasy XV review

Together with three friends, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus, Noctis must seek the power of the previous kings and the summoned gods called Astral to reclaim his kingdom. On the other hand, Noctis is also a “chosen child” who is predicted to be the saviour of the world from darkness. So, Final Fantasy XV has two focus stories, namely the political side and the fantasy side.

Carrying the fate of the world is a very heavy burden, and Final Fantasy XV shows this humanly through the characterization of its characters. At the beginning of the game, the players felt that the four main characters of this game were so stereotypical. But after seeing them through their trials, having a hard time together, and filling the day full of laughter, the players felt familiar as if they were seeing their own friends.

Emotional Bond between The Characters and The Players

Final Fantasy XV manages to forge a strong emotional bond between players and game characters thanks to the memorable moments in it. The story as a whole isn’t very good, but these moments are guaranteed to stay in the memory for a long time.

The depiction of every important moment is supported by quite extraordinary visual quality, especially in cinematic scenes. 

The depiction of cinematic scenes that are truly “crazy” reminds us, the players, of the feeling of playing old Final Fantasy. Just wait until you see the scene where Leviathan appears, or the final Astral in action. You will have a thrilling experience that can make you forget to breathe.

It’s hard to believe that in this modern era, where awesome graphics have become a market item in the world of video games, Final Fantasy XV still manages to amaze me because of the visuals. This is proof that Square Enix still hasn’t lost its fangs as a developer who always makes buzz on the graphics side.

The Reverse Formula

Final Fantasy XV presents a new innovation in the form of open world exploration, so maybe you are wondering how wide the world of this game actually is. Actually, in terms of quantity, the number of areas that you can visit is not that wide. You will only be adventuring on one island, which if you get around by car will take about twenty minutes.

There are only two big cities in this game, namely Lestallum and Altissia, the rest are small settlements called outposts. You will visit several other locations by train or boat. But, after the first island you will not be able to explore. If Final Fantasy is generally linear at the beginning then free at the end, Final Fantasy XV is just the opposite.

The Setting of Place in Game Made The Players Were Curious

Final-Fantasy-XV review
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The lack of land quantity is covered by the quality of the places in it. The world of Final Fantasy XV has breathtaking landscapes, with a variety of breathtaking locations that will evoke the nature-loving soul within you. From dungeons and dark mines to narrow, tall volcanoes, to castles with mysterious mechanisms, this game world has always made the players curious and want to keep coming back to it.

Some people may be disappointed because the Regalia car cannot be controlled freely like Grand Theft Auto, but the semi-automatic system and fast travel used are quite effective. If you want a more detailed exploration, you have to walk or ride a Chocobo. You can also modify cars and Chocobos,

Divorce Persists

Final Fantasy XV uses action-based gameplay that is fast and quite challenging. In battle you can only control Noctis, but you can have your friends use items or skills if needed. In addition, they will also help launch combos if you succeed in meeting certain conditions, for example attacking enemies from behind.

This combat system is quite unique because it really feels like dynamic teamwork. When you successfully avoid enemy attacks, seek strategic positions with Warp, then produce massive damage with a combination of magic and skills, the battle will feel like water flowing.

Final Fantasty’s RPG where increasing your character’s strength to the point of being overpowered is a pleasure in itself. After you find strong weapons, powerful magic, to exploit certain features, Noctis can become an unstoppable “bulldozer”.

Little Pleasures

Even though it actually has a quite serious main story, Final Fantasy XV is also full of relaxed, even humorous nuances. Many features or details that come to think of it are very insignificant, but play a big role in building the distinctive atmosphere of this game.

For example, the Prompto pose while using Phoenix Down, shows a hilarious expression of resignation. If you fill gas in Hammerhead, Cindy will clean the windshield in a seductive pose. Noctis and his friends’ clothes can be burnt, dirty, and even wet when exposed to environmental effects. And many other small but interesting details.

The four main characters have special skills to accompany the trip. Noctis can fish, Ignis can cook, Gladiolus can pick up items on the streets, and Prompto can take photos. Some of these skills have a gameplay impact, but more than that they play a role in building a natural and memorable nuance of adventure.

Additional ‘Activities’ in The Game

Apart from fishing, you will find three other mini games, namely Justice Monsters Five (a type of pinball), Totomostro (monster arena), and Chocobo racing. Many players feel that everything is not very interesting, but if you need side activities or want to complete all the challenges, you can do this mini game.

Final Fantasy XV contains a lot of “obscure” features like the one above, but those are the features that make us feel at home playing it for a long time. It felt like not only being adventurous, but actually living in his world. 

Final Fantasy XV Review The Cons

Final Fantasy XV Review

Apart from those pros, Final Fantasy XV has some cons, and here are the cons you can get from Final Fantasy XV review.

  1. The game is too dramatic, less of fighting; there’s dramatic scene when the players need to understand the meaning of a poem for the king. It’s confusing. just like in Literature class.
  2. Graphic quality, particularly the animation of charcters that is a bit of choppy. The shape of the hair that looks so jaggy.
  3. The visual is quite far from expectation. In this modern era, where awesome graphic is the most important aspect in the game, Final Fantasy still implements the classic & old visual appearance. 
  4. One thing that makes most players of Final Fantasy disappointed is that Regalia car can’t be controlled automatically. The game uses a semi-automatic system plus fast-travel system for the cars. But there is a great solution related to the exploration in the game. Use a Chocobo or just modify Chocobo and car. 
  5. Lack of elements of strategy, especially in A1 use. In other games, the players can give a command to A1 to operate the characters and other game’s elements to be more defensive or aggresive. Even, the players can tell other players to do something for the sake of their lives. For example: to keep distance from the vilains, to focus on healing, etc. These are missing in this game. 

As a result, when the players are fighting against the enemies, you will find your party members are lying out and cannot avoid the enemies attack.